Thomas The Wedding Caterer

Interview with Thomas the caterer

Let us a bit about your business and team?
I have been established about 5 years now. I was a professional chef before, it all started when I was planning my own wedding and could not find anyone to do my own catering. As we had specific ideas ourselves. Luckily I had my mates to call upon, in the end they helped sort it out for me.
My buddies did my own wedding catering, that’s where original idea stemmed from. I realised this could be a little business for me and I have grown from there.

Is there anything that you specialise in apart for just doing wedding food, is there a particular style of food?

The only thing we specialise in is that the menu will be custom to you. There is nothing pre written at Thomas the caterer, everything is written with the bride and groom in mind.

For example the wedding where we worked together, that was the ‘Italian Job’, the bride and groom loved Italian food so I worked with them to create a wedding breakfast with some of their favourite Italian dishes in. Incorporating everything Mel and Mike liked and everything they dreamed of really.

If someone was interested in chatting to you about you doing their wedding food, what would the steps that someone would need to consider?
The first thing would be to send me an email, then we will arrange a meeting. Have a sit down with a piece of cake and a tea or coffee, to have a relaxed chat about their day. Discussing everything from the style, the venue and importantly what foods they love to eat as a couple?
Their history, all the beautiful little things that bring them together as a couple and see how we can incorporate that in their day.
I will then put together a quote, pricing up all the costs.

If a couple is having an outdoor wedding, do you supply all the ovens and fridges?
Yes we can sort everything out from the ovens, fridges and crockery. I try and make the experience as hassle free for the couple as possible.

They only things catering wise we do not offer is the linen and potentially glasses. Normally the glasses will come with the bar supplier.

You won one of the wedding industry awards this year I believe.

Yes that is right, we won” best wedding caterer 2016 at the wedding industry awards”. Our goal in the future is the supply 8,800 wedding guests with awesome wedding food every year. Which is about 60 weddings and still offer a great food and customer service experience.

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